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Our Story -- Aztek Auto Repair


Aztek began as a two-man operation at its original location that many of its first customers found difficult to locate. But word spread quickly, and the business began to flourish; by January of 2010, Roberto, the owner pictured in the top left, hired two additional technicians. As Roberto desired to provide expanded services for his customers, Aztek gradually outgrew its original location. In 2015, Aztek moved to its current location to accommodate seven vehicle lifts and specialized equipment.
Roberto recognizes that automobile technology is changing a lot, and the pace of change is accelerating. To be able to compete today, technicians have to be more creative, energetic and hungry for knowledge; a 2013 year model car cannot be repaired with a 1990s approach. Roberto has placed himself and his technicians in a good position to learn from what is happening in the auto industry. Certificates affirming many hours of study at seminars and international conferences decorate the walls at Aztek. Roberto himself is a Certified Instructor of the Bureau of Automotive Repair. Big changes are coming to vehicles in the next ten years. For example, hybrid innovations are already appearing in non-hybrid vehicles.
From the start, Aztek has been a place where its customers could depend on getting an honest opinion backed by expertise. Roberto insists that everyone at Aztek show respect for customers and each other and to uphold the Aztek approach: to solve things the right way, to commit to constantly learning, but above all always to hold fast to service to the community.