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Your braking system is one of the best safety features your vehicle has to offer. Being able to stop when you need is helpful on a daily basis and necessary when it comes to obeying traffic laws. Don’t take chances with your brakes because it is easy to forget to have them checked as they do not need to be changed as often as your engine oil.

It is still important to have your brakes checked regularly by one of our friendly and knowledgeable technicians. Once we inspect your brakes, we can give you a good idea as to how long you can drive on them before needed to replace the brake pads.

Brake Pads Fremont, CA

Ignoring your brake pads will allow them to wear through. Your brake pads help prevent metal to metal contact between your brake shoes and rotors. When your brake pads wear through it causes a lot of friction and the resulting heat can warp your braking system causing a more involved repair to become necessary.

Let us know if your brake pedal ever starts to feel spongy or you notice that it takes you longer to come to a complete and safe stop when engaging your braking system.

Brake Flush Fremont, CA

Another maintenance service to consider is a brake fluid flush. This is not a service that is needed regularly but it can become necessary after a while. The fuld in your braking system can become acidic over time due to contamination and/or contact with the air.

This acidity will eat away at the vulnerable components of your braking system which can result in a costly repair. Let us know how long you’ve had your car or if you’ve noticed fluid leaking from your parked vehicle, it might be time for a brake flush.

So if you have questions about your brakes, give us a call, drive on into our shop or schedule an appointment online for a day and time that works for you!

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