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What is a Tune-up on a Car?

What is a Tune-up on a Car?

What is a tune-up on a car? There really isn’t any such thing anymore. Today we have a different method of caring for cars. Years ago, there was a specific maintenance done and it was called a tune-up. But “tune-up” means one specific thing today.

What is a Tune-up on a Car?

Before automotive technology became so sophisticated with electronics, a tune-up involved changing spark plugs, inspecting the rotor and cap, setting ignition timing, checking all belts and hoses for wear, changing out the fuel filter and checking the air filter to make sure there was still good air flow. But, what is a tune-up on a car today? It is changing out the spark plugs. HA!

It isn’t that many of those old tune-up things don’t need to be done sometimes, but they get done as needed. That might be once every year or two, not every few months. There is maintenance that does need to be done on your modern car of today, however. It is done on a schedule and there is a lot less of it.

Oil changes are done on a similar schedule, usually every 5,000+ miles depending on the conditions you drive in. Driving on dirt roads will require you to change the oil every 3,000 miles probably. But your car will need servicing and the schedule to follow for that is in your manual. Most mechanics will look up your car and inform you on the various things your car’s manufacturer recommends be done at this point in time or upcoming soon.

When your older car needs a tune-up, we’re happy to work on that for you at Aztek Auto Repair. We also do your required services on your newer, late model car. Stop by today for your service.

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