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Should You Switch to Synthetic Transmission Fluid?

Should You Switch to Synthetic Transmission Fluid?

You should change your automatic transmission fluid periodically. This will extend the life of your transmission. But should you switch over to synthetic transmission fluid? Aren’t they all the same?

Synthetic Transmission Fluid

When you have a manual transmission (yes, they are still in use!) the recommendation for changing the fluid is between 30,000 – 60,000 miles. You need to look at your car’s manual to get the exact recommendation or ask your mechanic. If you’re putting your car through some heavy duty work then you’ll need to do it more often, like every 15,000 miles. On automatic transmissions, manufacturers often recommend every 30,000 miles, but some mechanics have varied opinions on that. But! Should you opt for synthetic transmission fluid the next time you change it?

Well, the answer is mixed on that big question. Synthetic fluid is going to hold up better than the regular, especially if this is a heavy duty vehicle or there is an issue with heat. You’ll extend the life of most any vehicle by switching to synthetic. But, the better question is, “Do you need to?”

If you are puttering around town in a little Honda Civic and your idea of putting your car through hard labor is flooring it to pass a slowpoke, then you probably don’t need to switch. If you are one of the new varieties of retirees that purchased a 5th wheel trailer to live on the road then you probably should switch to synthetic transmission fluid.

Ask Aztek Auto Repair

If you think you might need to switch, as your mechanic at Aztek Auto Repair for his opinion on your car and situation. It might be worth the money to switch or it might just be overkill to switch to the new synthetic transmission fluid.

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