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Do Red Cars Get Pulled Over More?

Do Red Cars Get Pulled Over More?

Do red cars get pulled over more by the police in comparison to cars of other colors? Well, there is some very surprising information about car colors and tickets. There are a lot of statistics where we can compare tickets to car color and see how the various colors either get caught or are not usually ticketed.

Do Red Cars Get Pulled Over More?

This is a warning people have told anyone in the market for a red car, “Don’t do it because you’ll get tickets.” But, is this really true? Do the police really care what color your car is? Let’s take a look at the big question: Do red cars get pulled over more?

When comparing statistics, you’ll quickly see that no, the red cars don’t get any more tickets than they should. When red cars are about 14% of the car population in a city, they generate about 16% of the moving violations, according to a study done by a reporter from the St. Petersburg Times in 1990. But, wait, that’s not all!

White cars had about 25% of the vehicle share, but generated only about 19% of the tickets. So, either the police tend to let white car drivers go often or they are not pulled over nearly as much. Gray cars are making up the difference, though. Gray cars were about 6% of the cars in that study, but they received about 10% of the tickets. Silver cars, which look a lot like grey, were at about a 10% population, but received only 5% of the tickets!

One could ponder these statistics for days and probably still not come up with a solid answer as to why. But, you’re safe, red cars drivers. You are not going to get pulled over more often. If you were smart, though, you’d trade it in for one of those boring silver cars.

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