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Driving Maps and Directions Online

Driving Maps and Directions Online

When driving somewhere you no longer need to struggle with maps or have a navigator tell you where to turn. There are a couple of apps you can load on your smartphone that you won’t know how you lived without.


When you’re driving alone or even when you’re not, a Navigator app on your phone is the best thing since the invention of the auto shut off gas pump handle. Many phones have this little bit of map software installed in the phone when you get it. Android will call it Navigator and iPhone will call it Maps.

Look for the app on your phone and play around with it a little bit to get to know it. Here are some key points you want to check out for an easy drive right to your destination.

Voice to Text

It is easy to miss this important feature! If you’re in a hurry or driving, you do not have to type in the address of your destination to get directions. Touch the search box and your keyboard comes up. You should see a little icon of a microphone. Touch that and speak your destination. It will appear in the search box!


If it is always difficult to hear the directions then the app’s sound is probably set too low. Get into the app first and then turn up the volume. Your apps have a separate volume control than your regular phone ringer.

Walk or Drive

Your Maps app has options! It will talk to you whether you are driving or walking. Click the appropriate icon and it’ll start telling you which direction to turn.

Getting Directions

We hope you enjoy trying out your Map app or Navigator app. Remember Aztek Auto Repair whenever you need a repair or just an oil change. Drive by. We’re here for you.

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