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Car AC Not Cold Anymore – We Will Make It Blow Cold Again

Car AC Not Cold Anymore – We Will Make It Blow Cold Again

What do you do when the car AC is not cold? Likely, the coolant needs to be recharged, but it could be something more serious. Coolant isn’t supposed to be refilled as a routine.

Car AC Not Cold

When your car’s AC is not cold and it is blowing warm air, it is sign there is a coolant leak. Before allowing anyone to add more coolant, you’ll need to have them find the leak. The leak should be repaired first, so you don’t leak anymore coolant.

Coolant is a dangerous gas. Old cars might still have Freon, which is very bad for the environment as well as being a dangerous gas. Today’s coolant is R-134a, which is an improved version of refrigerant, but it is still dangerous to handle.

There are a lot of reasons you don’t want to refill your own car AC. Any refrigerant is so cold that it will burn your skin on contact. If you inhale it, it can cause death, organ failure and fluid in the lungs among other very serious health issues. In addition to the health concerns, there are concerns for your car.

Your car might be using a different kind of refrigerant than the can of refrigerant you purchased. This can cause serious problems with your car. You must add the same type of refrigerant that your car uses. You might think you know, but only an auto mechanic is going to know for sure. If your car is not currently using R-134a, your mechanic can change it over to R-134a.

Getting the Car Cold Again

Call Aztek Auto Repair to schedule an appointment. We will find the leak in your car’s air conditioning and refill the AC. It is summertime! No one should be suffering with the car AC not getting cold anymore.

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